Arun Hegden

Invalesco Creations – Empowering Brands Digitally, had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with the accomplished photographer Arun Hegden to craft a captivating online presence. A virtuoso in the realms of portrait, fashion, landscape, nightscape, festival, creative, boudoir, travel, and wedding photography, Arun Hegden’s artistry resonates through his distinct ability to meld visual elements like lines, shapes, curves, colors, and patterns, evoking emotions that forge deep connections with his audience. The website we meticulously developed using WordPress stands as a testament to his remarkable portfolio, adorned with accolades from prestigious exhibitions including CWC, Owl Tree, Andaz Agra, NFT Liverpool, The Prologue, and Utopian Dystopia. Arun Hegden’s lens has also graced the pages of esteemed online publications such as NATGeo Traveler, Outlook Traveler, Sony Alpha In, Street Photography India, and print publications like Deccan Herald, Deccan Chronicle, The Indian Express, Via Kochi Magazine, and Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. His exceptional eye and skill have garnered him esteemed awards like the Best of Sigma 2019 Photograph, Sony Alpha Community Low Light Winner 2019, and recognition among the Top 100 in 35 Awards. Through our collaboration, Invalesco Creations aimed to encapsulate Arun Hegden’s unparalleled photographic journey, allowing his artistry to shine on the digital canvas of his WordPress-powered website.

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    Arun Hegden
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